BSBE Attending The 2011 AACC Annual Meeting



    2011  AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. July 26th – 28th. There were nearly 2000 booths of exhibitors on the floor. Besides the largest number exhibitor from the local companies in America, there were 55 exhibitors from China to attend the Clinical Lab Expo.

  The assay of Vitamin D2/D3 was one of the most interested products by some local companies and visitors. As an exhibitor, BSBE has its own booth #3852. During the exhibition, BSBE introduced its own R&D new products under G cell brand, such as, Cystatin C, Sodium enzymatic, Potassium enzymatic and HS CRP. These new products of BSBE were drawn a lot of attention from peers and visitors, and received many positive feedbacks. BSBE’s R&D department also took this opportunity to update the knowledge of latest biological sciences and communicate with the scientists around the world.


BSBE's Booth at AACC 


International Market Briefing


AACC Conference

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