BSBE wins NACB’s Distinguished Abstract Award in 2016



(On June 13th, 2016) Beijing Strong Biotechnologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as BSBE) wins NACB’s Distinguished Abstract Award for the tracebility of Cystain C in 2016.


AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) is a global scientific society dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare. AACC’s approximately 9,000 members come from all areas of lab medicine—clinical and research laboratories, diagnostic companies, vernment agencies, original equipment manufacturers, and more.


AACC’s National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB) is a professional association of doctoral-level scientists who are active in the field of clinical biochemistry. The academy is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of laboratory medicine. Through its annual awards program, NACB celebrates outstanding research and service contributions to the field of laboratory medicine.


In 2016, BSBE wins one of the NACB’s Distinguished Abstract Awards for an abstract entitled “The Preparation and Validation of Cystatin C Calibrators Traceable to ERM-DA471/IFCC” (Written by: ng Jun, Li Yanchao, Gao Qiufeng, and Gao Aimin). This abstract was one of 29 (out of 1024 accepted for the 2016 AACC Annual Meeting) selected for scientific excellence by a panel of Academy Fellows. Dr. ng Jun will attend the awards ceremony as the representative from BSBE.


The Abstract of “The Preparation and Validation of Cystatin C Calibrators Traceable to ERM-DA471/IFCC” introduced the tracebility of Cystatin C assay kit with “GCELL” brand manufactured by BSBE, including the raw material production, the preparation and validation of calibrators and etc.



Since the year of establishment, BSBE is committed to adopt advanced technology to products’ development and delicates to innovation in IVD market. BSBE is becoming one of the leading global providers of clinical biochemistry reagents.

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